Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hurt my left knee... AGAIN

I guess I better start blogging about this because it has become quite apparent over the last month that I've most certainly re-injured my left knee. It feels like another meniscus tear. Yes, once you've done this twice you have a pretty darn good idea of what they feel like.

Ok, that was August 7, 2008. I waited to see if the injury would get better over a little bit of time, but after 11 days I decided it was time to get the ball rolling and go to the clinic. Yes, I love that really good medical care we get from there, but since this was a work related injury I have to jump through whatever hoops they set up... even if they're on fire.

Dr Doolittle was his usually self using analogies like "Orthopedic surgeons are like if you were a hammer". I'm lost right off the bat of course so he continues "You know," he says. Like I'm the one that's nuts because I have no idea where he's going with this. "If you were a hammer everything you see would be a nail." Oh WOW. Dude, you really did enjoy the 70's didn't you! Anyway, I saw him on 8/18 and he wanted to see me back in 3 days and said if I wasn't completely better he'd send me for an MRI. I told him I wouldn't be, but Ok. 3 Days later he says he's not completely convinced that I'm injured and says to come back for a recheck in a week and then if I'm not better he'll send me for the MRI. The day before my 3rd visit to the industrial clinic my case manager from when I hurt the left knee earlier this year called and said that they were considering this an "aggravation" and that I would still be under the same claim number rather than the new claim which I'd already filed. That being said, I couldn't be treated by both Dr Doolittle and Dr Anderson. Lemme see... tough choice here. I see Dr. Anderson on Sept 3rd.

Sept 3. - Dr Anderson's. I was kind of surprised that he wasn't all like "what happened", but he said these things do happen although of course they don't want them to. Obviously. He's a very reputable surgeon and I have no doubts of his abilities. He ordered up and MRI and despite me telling him that I'd rather work through the pain than do temporary work again he wrote up my work note with restrictions. No kneeling, squatting, no standing or walking for prolonged periods.

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