Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NOT a productive 2 days!

Yesterday after telling a very long story 5 times to Ikea reps, I discovered that the top and bottom rails of the triple track panel system that were sold to me were an "old" model. According to Sandy in textiles at the store, "No matter what you do, it won't work." Well, at least I have a definitive answer and can quit trying! This almost explains why of the 9 top/bottom rails 8 were one style with little tabs and only 1 had rollers on the top. Ironically, the rollers are the new model. I only wasted several hours staring at the wall trying to figure out how to get them on the track while assembled like the pictures show. I'm beginning to hate that little instruction cartoon guy! Anyway, I'm going to Ikea today to exchange the bad pieces.

So today, I primed the walls of the closet and was just about to break open the bucket of texture stuff and have at it when I noticed some quarter and dime size bubbles under the paint. A fingernail to the bubble would easily rip it open. Now I could just forget about this little problem and hope the bubble relaxes, but the paint is still not actually adhered to the wall underneath therefore there will definitely be future problems. The ONLY thing I did differently this time compared to every other wall I've painted including the bedroom that the closet adjoins is I used a lightweight spackle. This however is not entirely my fault. After discovering a very moldy bucket of spackle that I'd opened only a few months ago (yes, moldy... black and red mold) I called DH and asked him to pick up a bucket of spackle. I specifically told him to purchase the kind with the green lid in the 5 gallon bucket. He came home with a little gallon size bucket with a blue lid. He'd purchased the lightweight kind. I've used a lightweight before and never had this problem, but this was some new faster drying and less dust kind. Well, now there is LOTS of dust because I'm scraping the spackle and primer and old paint down to the plaster. It's only on the top portion of the closet above the wood wall molding and that's primarily where I patched. The other contributing factor is most likely that there was wall paper on the walls originally and whoever painted first didn't fully clean off the glue. I can definitely identify glue under the paint where I hadn't patched. But, the primer peels off most easily in the places where I did use the spackle. Needless-to-say, I won't be using anymore of the spackle with the blue lid. The removal is going ok so far as the paint has a soft, chalky feel which I can actually peel down to the plaster with a fingernail.

I'm a little perturbed, but shit happens!

Arrows pointing at paint bubbles

Soft and peeling paint

I started scraping a bit of the paint

If I find out anymore reasoning behind my bubbling freshly primed paint job I'll blog it... of course.

EDIT: 9/17/08 After sucking down potentially lead containing paint dust and washing it down with TSP (again) it's ready to paint. I waited until the next day before I painted it to be sure it was dry. No bubbles!

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