Monday, October 27, 2008

Ouch: Dog Bites Hurt!

Ugh, so I went over to my buddy, swing-driver Mike's house to exchange plants. He was planting bulbs and decided to remove his peonies which I said I'd take for him :) And I had a bunch of Myrtle that I'd dug up when planting a Japanese Maple in the front yard. Anyway, when I arrived his little dogs Arty and Oscar were going bananas. So Mike says I need to see them so they'll stop barking. Ok, no biggie, I've seen his dogs before. Well as soon as he opened the gate Arty circled behind me and Oscar positioned himself in front; they were both barking and since they are so small they are able to move quite quickly. Next thing I know Arty has jumped up and bit me in the but; I yelped and then Oscar bit me in the shin!

Obviously Mike felt horrible. I can't blame him... LOL. The shin bite looked really nasty all purple/bloody looking under the skin. When I got home I examined my butt as best I could and other then one little tooth mark which broke the skin it wasn't bad. No I'm not posting any butt pictures. My shin looked considerably better by the time I'd gotten home albeit there were definitely teeth marks that punctured my skin.

Here's a couple pictures. The first one was taken right when I got home and the second was 2 days later. It's now been 4 weeks and I can still see the defined bite mark. Yes, that is a scar on my knee when I fell out the hotel door at the red dress run in Toledo last May and there's another scar on that leg from crushing my lower shin on a cement step at work. Fortunately me left leg doesn't look as bad as the right!

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