Wednesday, November 18, 2009

AdSense and Blogger (a brief detour from the norm)

Yes, I now have ads on my blog. I don't think they are too annoying. Good grief at least there aren't pop ups all over! THAT I wouldn't stand for.

I'm posting about the ads because there's a little help to be give to some other newbie-AdSense user. Please tune this out if you could care less about the subject... LOL

If you get the message "Please correct the errors on this form" while trying to configure AdSense on your Blogger layout. This is what you need to do (yes, I found this by many trials and errors). Close that window and click on the Monetize tab then click remove ads. Yes, don't freak out... go ahead and click it. After you click it the adsense layout options will open up. Tell it you want to put the ads back on and Whallah.... done. Ok, I don't recall the exact wording it used, but I didn't even have to go to another page to do it. I have to admit though that I didn't change the setting from 160x600 vertical wide banner since that's what I kept trying to change it back to.

I hope this helped... we now return our previously scheduled programming (hee-hee)

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