Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to Convert MOV to AVI

I love the whole video thing for doing how to's, but I've always struggled with how to edit them. So usually I'll have to do a how to video 6 or 7 times to get it right because I can't cut out my stuttering or when my DH walks in and I completely lose my train of thought. Well, I haven't gotten into this too much yet, but I think I've found an EASY way to convert MOV to AVI. Unfortunately the only movie editing program I have is the free one that came with Windows, Windows Movie Maker. So far the conversion is playable in Movie Maker, but I'm having problems dropping it on the timeline and getting it to play. Anyone out there want to enlighten me as to how to do this?

In the meantime, I'l tell you how to convert your files.

I found this link to QICBOY blog where he gives you the links to the downloads you will need in order to easily convert your files. I know I've said "easy" many times now, that's because it is! There is a little confusion on just how to do it and if you read the comments you will see that apparently it's not working for everyone. So I will attempt to explain to you how to do it!

• Download mplayer and extract the files to say C:\program files\
  1. Click the mplayer link. Click OPEN. Now the zip file gets stored as a temporary file and it open a window labeled  C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\local...... etc. In this window you will see a folder labeled mplayer.
  2. Click the "Extract all files" link in the left column of the window. This opens the Extraction Wizard. Click NEXT.
  3. Where it says "files will be extracted to this directory" you need to change that. So click BROWSE. The window will change to your directories.
    • Click the + sign next to MY COMPUTER, then the + sign next to C: then scroll down and click the PROGRAM FILES link then click OK at the bottom of the window.
    • Click NEXT and the files will begin extracting when done a new window is displayed. Check the "Show extracted files" box and click FINISH.
  4. Your Program files folder will open and you see the newly created mplayer folder. Keep the window open and continue following the directions.
Save mov2avi.bat to the MPlayer folder
  1. Click the mov2avi.bat link. Then click SAVE and a "save as" box will open. It should automatically open the newly created mplayer folder. If it doesn't, open the folder C:\Program files\mplayer (do same steps as when you changed the directory where you wanted to save mplayer, but in addition click the mplayer link to open the contents of that folder. (don't click the second mplayer folder - stay in the one right under Program files.
  2. Click SAVE
While your at it you might as well save the other converter.
  1. Click the wmv2mp4.bat link.
  2. Click SAVE then SAVE again as you did for the mov2avi.bat file.
Create a shortcut on your start menu.
  1. Go back to the window that has your mplayer folder.
  2. Click and hold the mplayer folder with your left mouse button.
  3. Drag the folder to the start menu and drop it (let go of mouse button). This does not move the actual folder rather creates a short cut to that folder so next time you convert a file it will be one click to open the correct folder. Anyway.....
  4. Check your start menu for the short cut then close the program files folder. While your at it you can close the C:\programs and settings\Owner\.... temp window that's still open.
Convert a file.
  1. Double click the mplayer shortcut you made on your start menu (everything working ok?) This will open the mplayer folder.
  2. Open a new Windows Explorer window. The shortcut for that is to press the key with the Windows logo and the E key at the same time. Find the file you want to convert (hey, I don't know where you put it so you're on your own here!)
  3. If you can't see your other window reduce the size of each window so you can see them both at once.
  4. Click once on your file with your left mouse button and drag the file over toward the mplayer folder. DON"T LET GO YET. In the mplayer folder you will see the mov2avi.bat file.
  5. Now hover the file you want to convert over the mov2avi.bat file. The file name will turn a color (mine is blue). NOW YOU CAN LET GO!
  6. A black DOS window opens and runs the .bat file using the file that you dropped on it. When it's done processing, it will say to Press any key... Press a key and you're done! Brilliant!
You now have your original file and a new file with an additional extension of .avi on the end. And it should play! Refer to the comments on QICBOY blog it doesn't work. (One person just had to rename the file and remove the old .MOV extension - windows can be funny about more than one . in a file name)

I'm done. I've spread the word about this super quick converting process; the rest is up to you. So go forth and be creative!

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