Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sock Monkey Hat... a walk in the woods

Sure it's getting warm here in MI; in fact we've had a few above normal temperature days with near record highs. But yet I'm pursuing another cold weather knitting project and will dive in as soon as I finish up a few loose ends around here like fitting my tree with it's new sweater... yes I know... but the weather's is getting warm... but it's still Spring and besides I don't think the tree will care.

Oh yes, so the Sock Monkey Hat. I've been looking at my stash lately and while I do admire all the pretty colors and consistent lines making up each pass around in each of the untouched skeins I must admit that I have too much. Even worse than having too much yarn is not having any purpose for said yarn. So I decided I would look up patterns on Ravelry by the yarn I have rather than the actual project. I looked up "Impeccable" yarn since I have quite a bit and the colors I have (6 skeins) are not dark at all. Then I saw it. The Sock Monkey hat with all those little favorite hearts leaped out at me and said "make me". So I began it yesterday as I said while on the way to the hashing group (yes the drinking club with a running problem). It's about 2 1/2" in the round now with the next part beginning the mouth part. You can find the pattern at Knitty and don't forget to check out everyones project on Ravelry. I'll be posting more on this soon.

I had a lovely walk with fellow hashers as we strolled along a beautiful oak leaf covered trail in Chelsea. It was good to get out and think about nothing but having fun since my days have been full of thoughts of the upcoming ACL revision that is to happen on Tuesday. Did you know that Chelsea, Michigan is the home of Jiffy Brand Corn Bread Mix? See... I learn something new everyday!

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