Thursday, November 18, 2010

DetroitKnitter's Version - Baby Tree of Life Throw

Finally, I have a final version of my version of the Baby Tree of  Life Throw. My written version has been done for a while, but I had to quadruple check it! Oh and I knit another blanket then quadruple checked it again. Then I tweaked it a bit more; I think it is easy to read now. Then again after knitting 4 of these I know the pattern well.

The basic changes I made are: a seed stitch border, shorter leaves, a couple rows of st st above the tree/flower pattern, extra garter st rows for the dividing patter, reworked dividing pattern so there are more knit rows than purl rows, instructions incorporate the 4 sts between the tree repeats, slip stitch edging (chain edge). And a few other tweaks here and there.

You can view and print my version of the Baby Tree of Life Throw in PDF.

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