Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Cardinal

This guy comes around most every day for a peanut. He waits in his usual spot atop the log cabin bird house. It's stiff competition between him and the squirrel. (9/9/11) I now have a video of the Cardinal coming to get his peanut!

I haven't posted in a while any "good" stuff. I'm trying to catch up things before I finally return to work after a terribly long duration of dealing with a torn ACL. I promise to have a new video soon; because I have a Christmas stocking that needs to be finished and I've been saving it for the video on grafting with the kitchener stitch.

Until then... enjoy the Cardinal picture. He's quite a cutie. I did pretty good photographing him considering I was 30' away and used the edge of the fence to steady the shot. :)

cardinal on log cabin up close

1 comment:

Yaneri said...

Beautiful shot!!! These birds are simply beautiful!! I don't hardly see these beautiful birds in California....very rare!!! Gods amazing creations!!!