Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's cold in Michigan - Week 8

Sigh. I'm back in MI after spending 11 days in FL visiting my brother and biking and running and wearing shorts. I wish I could bottle up the feeling of warm sunshine and bay breezes against my sun soaked skin for times like... Saturday.

Ahhh, another crisp day and what better to spend the afternoon running on trails in the pretty snowy woods. Dave and I met Mark at the Poto trail Saturday afternoon for some good trail running. I'm beginning to believe that this is something that only exists in our minds but we fail to be able to recollect it the next time someone suggests a winter trail run. Mark and Dave were suppose to run 18 I believe while I really needed a 13 mile run which was perfect for me because the Poto loop is 13 something miles. Mark and Dave explored the trail briefly to see what the footing would be like. Huh... icy? And snowy? Umm ok, do I wear my slip on spikes or my Yak Trax? Oh boy. Didn't I just have a bad experience in the woods before going to FL? We donned our Yak Trax and off we went. I felt ok and was actually enjoying the torture of the trail until about mile 8. After 8 I'd had enough and really wanted a flat piece of non-icy ground to plant my feet onto. by 10 my legs were getting really worn out. If there was anyway possible to cut it short and head in I'd have been all over it, but that's just not an option on the Poto trail. By the time I got back I'd run 13.83 miles according to the Garmin, but my legs felt like I'd just ran at least 20. My training log reads:

Trail was unbelievably icy! Footing tough, kept getting tossed side to side because of sideways footing in either icy tracks or on the very hard snowy tracks. Was very hard. Felt ok through 8 then 9 was getting irritated with it. By 10 I was ready to be done and at the end I felt like I'd run at least 20 miles! Back hurt, quads hurt from the downhills on the hard ice and bottoms of feet were sore from slipping sideways in my shoes. I thought I'd be much sorer the next day than I am though.
Needless-to-say I did NOT run on Sunday.

Weekly: 35.8
Yearly: 293.9

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