Thursday, March 1, 2007

I ran a 5K

Now ordinarily this is not exciting news except that over the last year I've had surgery on both knees for meniscus tears and tore my right hamstring in two places. I've barely returned to running and honestly I was just going to run the 5K as a bandit since I really wouldn't post that great of a time. After arriving at the "event" and discovering maybe not quite 50 people entered in the race and with 3 deep recognitions in a 10 year age group I figured what the heck and registered for $25 which included an interesting cotton running shirt with what is supposed to be a cartoonish ox on it; it's really more like a mutated ox and pig though. Certainly not worse that the Cheese Town race shirt with the smiling wedge of cheese with legs.

I had an awesome run! I felt good the whole way! At 2 miles my time was 16:16 and my overall time was 25:03. I took first place in my age division too! Sweet. Dave and Katie were first each in the mile which they used as a warm up (6:32 pace) Dave was first in his age group; Katie was overall first woman and of course first in her age group. We collected 5 medals between the 3 of us and there was a raffle afterward and I won a fold up chair and Dave got a $5 coupon for a fruit market.

We had a pretty good pancake breakfast with eggs, meat and hash browns too. I'm glad I ran it!

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