Monday, March 12, 2007

Corktown St Pat's Race - Week 10

Today was the 4 mile Corktown St. Pat's Race and I showed up wearing my green plastic hat with gold glitter shamrock and the red pig tails that I hot glued to it. I also wound up wearing the bright green shirt with the cotton home dyed shorts (I'm wearing the hat and the shirt in the photo). WOW, I ran really fast!! I ran it at a 7:45 pace! I even part walked my last water stop. I was one of the top 100 women finishers with a time of 31:01 which entitled me a cool green coffee thermos.

After we went to the "green dress hash". There weren't all that many people there for it which was kind of surprising and even worse was the lack of dresses. C'mon hashers, what the heck?! We still had fun and it was funny getting comments from people on the streets of hoity-toity Northville.

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