Sunday, March 4, 2007

Half Way There! - Week 9

Well this is it, I've completed exactly 1/2 of this crazy marathon training. Mostly it's been good so far and I'm beginning to adapt to running so many days. This week was my first 18 miler, but I divided it in two; mostly because I had a baby shower to go to in the early afternoon and just didn't leave myself enough time to get in the whole run at once. Of course I went out way too fast for the first run of 10.4 miles. The wind was a pin, but not the direct in-your-face for very long. The second run was slower. When I got all done, I sat in the snow in the backyard and covered my legs in the cold white stuff and actually cried.... I don't know why exactly... just felt right I guess. Ironically enough the band Cold was playing "A different kind of pain" on my ipod as I sat there in the snow with tears streaking down my face. I guess 18 miles stirred up some different "feelings". (??)

Weekly mileage: 45.4
Yearly mileage: 339.3

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