Monday, June 4, 2007

Gardening, Yahtzee and the Dexter-A2 Race

Saturday I messed around in the garden laying down newspaper all around the veges that are already planted. The newspaper, 4 layers, is suppose to act as a weed barrier while keeping in moisture. Obviously this is an experiment. It doesn't look as *neat* as the dirt so I might have to throw some mulch over it. I planted some more green beans too seeing as how something picked out all but 3 of the others and apparently ate them. This time I covered the planting area with a screen which I'll remove once the beans have germinated.

DH and I met up with 1 of his running partners in the afternoon to go to the Dexter to Ann Arbor (DX-A2) expo for the race tomorrow. Later that night we played Yahtzee. We had a good time playing, but it was almost painful to endure the time it took for Lance to decides what to roll for based on the percent of probable outcome for each option. It was still funny even though it took forever to play 3 games. Poor Katie who wanted to play the game never did a Yahtzee.

Sunday is race day. It was really humid which made me not feel so bad for not running. Mark and I were spectators and Katie, Dave and Lance were racing it. They were off at 9:10 after a 20 minute delay because of a tree over the road. Mark and I caught up to them at about the 7 mile mark where Dave arrived first, turned off his Garming and declared it to be too hot to run this thing. LOL. As Katie approached with a pace of just over 7/mile Dave said he'd run in the rest with her. Lance looked the heat was beating him up on this race as he handed us is sweat soaked shirt and a mystery GU packet that we later learned he'd gotten from a female runner that thought he looked like "he needed it". They all did well considering the weather... Katie and Dave were both about 1:36 and Lance was about a 1:43 I think. We had some lunch afterward at Sidetracks in Ann Arbor then everyone went in their own direction.

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