Friday, June 1, 2007

Top-down knitted hat

I finished the mittens I've been working on. They are the 5th pair of mittens I've knitted, but the first time I tried doing a kitchener stitch to seam up the thumb and fingertips. I like the stitch much better than drawing the yarn through the remaining stitches and cinching it closed, but they have a squareness that I definitely don't like. I think it would have better to have more of a decrease toward the tips before finishing off.
Now I'm on to the next project which is a hat to *match* the mitts and scarf. I've only knitted two hats. The first sort of fits, but I have a lot of hair and it's not really fair to determine it's fit with a pony tail. The other hat was a pretty pink bunny eared baby hat.... awwwww. I love Google. I found a pattern which the blogger calls the "Live Dangerously, Don't Swatch Hat" that knits from the top down - how cool! Of course this means I hade to learn another new cast on method called "Emily Ocker's circular cast on". It was still easier than that crazy figure 8 cast on for the baby hat though. For the hat, I'm going to integrate one of the patterns in the scarf.

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