Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sick as a Dog

No not me. My 16 year old Bassett Hound. He's not eaten before, but this time is different. Yesterday he had this glazed over look as he just stood there. Well, he didn't just stand there, he was facing forward and his butt end was all cocked funny in a half sit position. I tried giving him a cookie.... didn't want it. Tried even peanut butter... didn't want it. I'm really concerned. So I can't take him to the vet today because it's their early day which really sucks because I got home early too. I'm putting DH up to taking him tomorrow. Dudley's other sick signs are tiredness (more than usual for the old guy :)), mucus in both eyes (he has some sort of little growth on one lid so that might be adding to the trouble) and mucus in his nose.... like his nose is running.

Although he's a little more responsive today than yesterday HE'S NOT EATING!! He does drink water though. I hope my old guy is ok.

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