Tuesday, December 9, 2008

There's GOLD in them there...

Well, maybe not gold and certainly not found in the "hills of Detroit". But I just had a pleasant Christmas discovery when cleaning up my desk area. I had made these little index cards with knit stitch patterns written out on them and stuffed into a plastic sleeve. My Grandmother used to put everything in plastic including recipes cards, sewing notes and crocheting instructions, kid's games, etc. I suppose it's my attempt to be like her in a minute way, but I'm way too unorganized for such tedious work, plus when I need to know how to do the trinity stitch for instance I simply Google it rather than reach for a pile of unsorted cards in plastic sleeves.

So my point is.... back when I put these few cards together I slid some fun money in between the cards! Yep that's right.... there was $60 stuffed in there! This is better than finding loose change in the couch or favorite Chapstick in the pocket of your winter coat on the first wearing of the season.

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